What is BEMasterClass: Developing Mental Agility?

BEMasterClass stands for “Beautifully Evolving into who you were meant to be.” Developing Mental Agility is the first of a series of masterclasses rolling out this year. It is also a condensed version of my extended course on developing mental agility. This course was create for those who want to develop a resilient mind and positive thought-life no matter what life may bring. 

Why take Developing Mental Agility ?

The Developing Mental Agility mini-course is a great course to take. Here’s why:

  • You will receive actionable strategies you can start using today to improve your thought-life and develop a resilient mindset.
  • You are the FIRST class to receive this exclusive introductory course for a limited time. 
  • You will learn how to shift your mindset quickly to produce the best outcomes in life. 
  • These are the same strategies I used while undergoing chemotherapy and enduring multiple losses in my life.

The MasterClass:

You will start your training with a power-packed BEMasterClass taught by Timea G.

My Total Detox:

During this exercise, you will be challenged to identify roadblocks (i.e people, places, and things ) associated with negative thoughts you currently have. You will be tasked with recognizing and removing those roadblocks through a series of action items.

The Mighty Pivot:

The next exercise will allow you to work through scenarios to help you pivot and shift your mindset quickly while creating positive thoughts that counteract negative thoughts.

Minding Your Body:

This exercise focuses on meditation and preparation for success physically and mentally. Together we will put in place strategies to help you meet and measure your goals.

Speak Therapy:

This is a self-affirmation exercise that takes you through a series of affirmative exercise before creating your own affirmative practice.

My BIG Moment:

This exercise is a course challenge that will stretch you far beyond your comfort zone, to accomplish something that stretches you.

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Timea G. does not claim to be a mental health professional. This course should not be used to treat or cure any illness. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or anything else mental-health related, please consult with your mental health professional. Timea G. nor Love Life Media, LLC will be held liable for any claims resulting from your participation in this course. By taking this course you have read and fully understand this disclaimer.